Erection of a Nuclear Power Plant

Carlos Bergante

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Hello everybody,

I am doing a revision of an English text and I have found the following:

'During the erection, operation and maintenance of a nuclear power plant....'

It appears to me to be all right, but anyway, the noun 'erection', although probably correct, sounds quite funny to me (dirty mind). So, the question is: can a nuclear power plant be erected? The meaning intended is 'constructed/built'. Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Carlos Bergante
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    It's technically okay, I guess. "Erection" can and does mean "construction" in the context of buildings. That's its secondary definition for me as well; I'd change it if the paper were mine.


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    In my (non-dirty) mind, the erection of a nuclear power plant involves not only its construction, but also installation of all the gizmos and thingies that make nuclear power, the safety systems, acquisition of necessary permits and so on.

    I don't have a source for this, however, and might be wrong.


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    I know it's sounds a bit perverted, but erection can also function as a verb. The word as a verb means "to go straight up" or "to be built up."

    So, for example:

    "A statue was erected in memory of the mayor."

    It describes a statue being put up.


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    I would not use "erection" for a power plant because to me, "erection" is something you say for things that go up more than out and involve things that are pieced together, i.e. prefabricated steel buildings, television towers, construction cranes, etc.

    Nuclear power plants tend to sprawl and involve subterranean construction as well as massive amounts of concrete pouring and thus, I would say "construction" and be done with it.


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    I agree with sdg.
    Erection suggests to me a simple process - perhaps the putting together of a pre-fabricated building.
    I erect a tent.
    I construct a nuclear power plant.
    To include the full range of activities that Nunty describes (amazing the things some people know about how to build a nuclear power plant) I would have to construct and commission the plant.
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