erhenrathet (erheyrathet=erheiratet)

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    I am transcribing/translating a 1936 book entitled "Erlach bei Ochsenfurt - Die einzelnen Höfe und ihre Besitzer - von 1624 bis 1936 (Ein Stück Dorfgeschichte)" by Dr. Georg Meyer-Erlach for my own personal genealogical use. I am running up against several words that I cannot find a definition anywhere! Could someone please explain the term "erhenrathet"? Thank you!
  2. Demiurg

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    This word doesn't exist. It could be erheyrathet = erheiratet (acquired by marriage). More context would be helpful.
  3. exgerman Senior Member

    English but my first language was German
    Please give the entire sentence. Withit that you will only get valueless guesses.
  4. KCWettroth New Member

    Thank you for your quick reply!

    This book is a list of house lots in the small village of Erlach near Wuerzburg from 1624-1936 -- the owners' names and relationships were taken from various civil and church documents. It names owners, spouses, children, etc. so good for genealogy. I am using various tranlation sites on the internet but I understand I am just getting a rough idea of what is going on! My view is that there are many archaic terms in this book.

    The word is used in this context:

    1742: Buchstabe „D“, nachträglich beigesetzt, Valentin Menth. – Margaretha Mentin filia erkft. 1749, Simon Barth erhenrathet. – Andreas Troll erkft. um 3300 fl. ao 1775. – Michael Troll 1801. – Michael Troll Wittib. – nunc Georg Troll 1843/44 übernommen.

    My best guess at translation was:

    1742: Letter "D", later buried, Valentin Menth. - Margaret Mentin daughter bought 1749, Simon Barth erhenrathet?. - Andreas Troll erkft./bought for?around 3300 fl. in the year 1775 - Michael Troll 1801 - Michael Troll widow. - Accepted now George Troll 1843/44.
  5. Hutschi

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    Hi, I searched with Google and found "erheyrathet", too. It is in Fraktur (black letter).
    In Fraktur, the "y" looks similar to "n".

    "Erheyratet" = durch Heirat erworben. (got by wedding)
    The context supports Demiurg's entry.
  6. exgerman Senior Member

    English but my first language was German
    nachträglich beigesetzt probably means "(added afterward in the margin)" i.e. not contemporary.

    Margaretha Mentin filia erkft. 1749 in case there is any doubt, it means that the daughter bought the property, not that someone bought the daughter! Since there is no date for her marriage, the sale and marriage were probably part of a complicated transaction

    übernommen means took it over, or took over the running of it.
  7. KCWettroth New Member

    Thanks to all who helped with this! Your comments cleared up alot of things for me.

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