Erik ten Hag


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Hi everyone!

Today I’ve found several articles in Russian about Erik ten Hag. I’ve noticed that sometimes ‘ten’ translated/writes in Russian from capital letter (not at the beginning of sentence).

I have checked several books for translators and noticed that translatable conjunctions/prefixes (from NL to RU) always must be written from low-case letter.

Am I right that ‘ten’ in the name is prefix and using the form of uppercased 'Ten' in translation in case of lowercase of oirignal 'ten' is incorrect?
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  • In Dutch prefixes are sometimes written with a lowercase and sometimes with an uppercase, depending on the construction.

    For example:
    - Erik ten Hag
    - meneer Ten Hag
    - de carrière van Ten Hag
    - Ten Hag

    You can find more information about it here: hoofdletters in namen (Nederland): Nynke van der Sluis / Nynke Van der Sluis | Genootschap Onze Taal
    Thank you!

    As I understood, if we have first name (Erik ten Hag), then we use lowercase variant.
    If there's no first name (meneer Ten Hag), then we use uppercase one.