Erkek kız


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Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a masters thesis in France on the reception and translation of the French novel La Garçonne by Victor Margueritte in English. La garçonne can be translated as a tom boy, a flapper, a single woman, in the context of the book. With a view to getting a holistic vision of the book's perception in different languages and cultures, I am comparing and contrasting the titles in various languages. Could anyone help clear up the Turkish title for me : Erkek kiz ?

Thank you !
  • Gleamdor

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    We're saying Erkek Fatma When we'd like to express that a girl's acting like a boy. "Tomboy" is the corresponding word for it in English as you've stated.


    I don't think that "erkek kız" would make sense without a context. I would simply understand it as a group full of boys and girls.

    For a male girl, I'd be more inclined to naturally say erkeksi kız, but perhaps that's just me.