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Not sure if this goes more here, or financial or general specialized.

Anyways, the phrase is

El método de LT (tolerable limits) permite encontrar la importancia de un coeficiente de insumo sobre la producción sectorial por medio de errores ficticios en los coeficientes individuales.

Now, doing a little bit of research, from what I understand errores ficticios are introduced in order to test the system by seeing how many of these errors are detected. (If my understanding is wrong or does not apply in this context, please correct me).

So is it a direct translation? Fictional errors? Fictitious errors? Maybe false errors? test errors?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance =)
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    Mexico/Canada and English
    Thanks guys.

    Oddly enough, I think that's not right for the explanation I originally gave (which apparently MIGHT be "synthetic errors"), BUT it does seem to be the right term for the context in which I actually found the phrase. One of those situations where too much research led me down the wrong path but you guys put me on the right one again =)