errores de acentuación


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Hi everyone

I'm translating a document regarding a magazine advert which is currently being disputed by one party. One of the problems listed is as follows:

El anuncio tenia errores de acentuación

There is very little context, other than, as I say, this is relating to an advert to be used in a magazine. I do not know if the advert contains pictures, graphics, just words etc. I'm guessing that if the advert is just words, then the issue is that there were accent problems as the party creating the advert is not Spanish and therefore this is possible. However, could acentuación have any other meaning here, in terms of design/graphics etc?

Any help greatly appreciated :)
  • talshanir

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    It probably refers to the accents, however, since this is advertising, it might refer to stressing certain words...

    It's really a guess.

    I'd suggest you contact your clients and ask them.

    Canela Mad

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    In this context I would only relate acentuación with a mistake on spelling (of accents).
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