ES: Con lo


I'm interested to know how do you express in MSA or in dialectal arabic the Spanish expression "con lo".


1.) ¿La excursión se canceló? ¡Con lo que me gustaba ir!
2.) Llegamos tarde. ¡Con lo rápido que íba el coche!
3.) Mi novio me traicionó. ¡Con lo que le amaba yo!
4.) Fuimos a comer helado. ¡Con el frío que hacía!
5.) Volvió a cenar. Con lo tanto que cenó con nosotros.

If you could translate them in Najdi Arabic I would be very grateful and happy. Thanks!
  • princeipeazul

    Sorry not every body knows Spanish here, could you translate in English?
    It's hard to translate in English. Its closest translation in English would be Inspite of the fact that...

    Let me translate them in English the best I can

    1.) The outing got cancelled? How sad! You know how much I wanted to go.
    2.) We got late inspite of the fast speed of the car.
    3.) My boyfriend cheated on me. And you know how I loved him so much.
    4.) We ate ice cream inspite of the cold weather, mind you.
    5.) He ate dinner again. You know how much he had eaten with us.

    As you see, it has the meaning of inspite of and for your information combined.
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