es dificil entender / es dificil de entender


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I looked for a previous thread on this topic, but couldn't find one . . . if there is one and I missed it, of course feel free to send me in that direction.

Anyway, I'm confused about whether a preposition is necessary in sentences that start "es dificil (a verb infinitive)" (or for that matter "es facil . . ."). What are the rules here?

Thanks in advance for the help.
  • It depends on what you want to say, if you say
    "es difícil de entender"-->You are talking about a special idea or concept
    "es difícil entender (lo que dices)--->always is difficult to understand what you say.

    It's more or less like your "the" you can say I go to the university reffering to a special one, or you can say I go to university as a general thing in your life, isn't it?