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    I'm doing a powerpoint in spanish where I've got a photo of a dish and above I want to say 'es..' for different foods.

    I.e would I say above:

    Es sano/ Esta sano (to go with a photo of a fruit.)?

    Es rico/ esta rico? (to go with a photo of a tapas dish?)

    Muchas gracias!
  2. Little Chandler

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    Generally speaking:

    Una manzana es sana.
    Una tapa de tortilla está rica.
  3. CaneLoMan New Member

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    I was speaking with a friend about the use of es/está and I realised that, generally:

    es is used when the adjective is permanent.
    está is used when the adjective is temporary.

    In your example, the apple is always a healthy snack, and the tortilla is tasty just when you eat it, because each tortilla you it is different and can have a different flavor.

    María está buena (María is hot) / María es buena (María is a good person)
    Miguel está tonto (Miguel did something wrong and we call it fool for that action) / Miguel es tonto (Miguel is a fool everyday).
    La fruta está verde (The fruit is unriped) / La fruta es verde (The fruit is green)

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