Es fácil hacer que la responsabilidad caiga sobre otros


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I'd like to know if I could use 'shrug off/away' (meaning something like 'don't take responsibility for it and let others deal with it instead') in the following context:

"It's easy to shrug off/away one's responsibility onto others." There has been an accident and the speaker is saying that it's easy to accuse others of it, blame them, instead of taking the responsibility himself.

I hope that someone can tell me why I cannot use these verbs here (a forero was so nice to give a reply in another forum, but I really need a definite answer to this).

Thank you!
  • BrooklynBoy

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    "shrug" is very colloquial in this context and may differ from region to region. To me "shrug off" sounds OK, but not "shrug away." I don't think I've ever heard "shrug away." Also, although "shrug off one's responsibility onto others" is OK, a little better would be "shrug one's responsibilty off onto others."

    I must add, though, that using the word "one's" gives the sentence a somewhat literary or formal air, and "shrug off" does not fit that tone.

    Chris K

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    "Shrug X off onto Y" does get used in that sense, but I'm not sure how widely. ("Shrug away" just sounds wrong.) It may be partly a confusion with "shove X off onto Y."


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    Maybe would be better to use "throw off" with "one's"
    "To throw off one's responsability onto others"


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    Thank you very much, BrooklynBoy. I think I understand it now. 'Shrug off' is too informal to include one's.

    Many thanks for your help, Chris.

    Saludos a ambos.

    Edit: Just seen Alexcarr's post. Thanks.
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