Es ist damit zu rechnen

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    I am trying to translate the following sentence:
    Es ist damit zu rechnen, dass sie auf kurze Sicht erhöht bleiben wird.

    The "correct answer" in the worksheet is as follows:
    It is likely that annual HICP inflation rates will remain elevated in the short term.

    There's a lot of stuff in the supposed translation that I can find no justification for in the printed Deutsch sentence. I am wondering if the first phrase may be an idiomatic expression where "damit zu rechnen" could have something other than a literal meaning.

    It is in the second phrase that I find the superfluous language, i.e., "...likely that annual HICP inflation rates...".

    My personal attempt is:

    It is therefore to work out, that they in the short term sight will remain elevated.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Vielen danke,

  2. perpend

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    I think the "correct answer" in your worksheet is a bit off.

    That said, my personal attempt would be "It is to be expected, that they will remain elevated in the short term."

    Natives will be along shortly.

    Essentially, "mit etw. rechnen" = to count on something, for what it's worth.
  3. Demiurg

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    Just one small remark: "sie ... erhöht bleiben wird" is singular (die Inflationsrate). But the "correct answer" is talking about inflation rates (plural), so plural might be OK.
  4. Hutschi

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    "Es ist damit zu rechnen" is an idiom. Is it true that it means "to count on something, for what it's worth." in this context?
    As Perpend wrote it means "it is to be expected". I think, it is right. Other versions are "you could expect to some degree" or "(you should consider that) it may be".

    The probability in case "es ist damit zu rechnen" is in the middle range. It is not sure, and you should consider the possibility.

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