1. melissambwilkins

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    Bueno... yo sé que "la polla" es otra manera de decir "pene"...

    pues... "es la polla" -- ¿Es decir que algo no vale mucho? ¿O possiblemente que es malo?

    Mi busqueda de Internet indica que la frase se usa mucho, pero a veces parece de decir que una cosa es buena y a veces que es mala.

    ?!?!?! No entiendo nada :(


    Ok... I know that "la polla" is another way to say "penis" in Spanish

    but... "es la polla" -- Is that to say that something isn't worth much or that it's bad?

    My Internet search indicated that it is a popular phrase, but sometimes it seemed to be used to indicate that something was good and sometimes that it was bad.

    Help? Tonight I feel dense. I just don't feel comfortable pulling this out of context and being sure I know if it's for a good or bad thing. My gut says "bad" but then some instances I read didn't make sense. (sigh)
  2. ovejanegra

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    If I recall correctly, ser la polla, ser la leche, and ser la hostia are all (vulgar) ways of saying that something or someone is really cool, in Spain. It's kind of like "____ is the bomb." (Not my favorite expression, but that's one way of translating it.) I'm certain that I read about this subject on the forum before, so I'm going to look around and if I find the thread(s), I'll come back and post the URLs here.
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  4. melissambwilkins

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    A thousand thanks! The second link had what I needed... I just didn't find it when I searched the forums myself.

    Melissa ___( C-.
  5. 565665 Member

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    I'm spanish... "ser la polla" means "something is the best" so if you say "Yo soy la polla" you are saying that you are the best...
  6. RED CHIEF Member

    Ser la polla = To be amazing
  7. euphemism_treadmill

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    It's the shit.
  8. logan_1974 Member

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    It´s not necessarily something good. It means "exceptional", often for good, but sometimes for bad.

    For example, you could say: "Su mujer en casa cuidando de los niños, y él tomando cervezas, este tío es la polla".

    In this example, the meaning is that what he is doing is "exceptional", but it could be both for good or for bad.

    If you are one of his friends, and you think of it like something funny, then is something good (this guy is cool, even being a father he manages to come and have some beers with us, his friends).

    But if you think of it like something bad, then I would be somthing bad (that guy is a bastard, he should be at home taking care of his children, instead of being here drinking alcohol).

    The difference between both meanings is not in what you say, but in how you say it, and the context.

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