Es las estaciones/Son las estaciones

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  1. Kromo New Member

    I'm trying to say that "one reason why it changes is because of the seasons".

    I have "Una razón por la que cambia es/son las estaciones"

    I'm confused because "estaciones" is plural, but I'm talking about it in the sense of a group or singular.

    Any advice??

    ¡Gracias de antemano!
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    The problem you have originates in the initial conception of the sentence. "The seasons" cannot be "one reason". One reason can be "the changing" of the seasons, or "the difference between the seasons", or "the existence of the seasons" (also, the same and perhaps more idiomatic: "the fact that there are seasons")

    One reason why it changes is the changing of the seasons

    Una razón por la que cambia es el tránsito de las estaciones

    The fact that it sometimes is made tacit in English and it is understandable does not mean that the agreement is correct.
  3. Severian79 Member

    I would say... Una razón por la que cambia se debe a las estaciones
  4. florbonita23 Senior Member

    Las estaciones son una de las razones por las cuales cambia.
  5. Cenzontle

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    Conceptually, there may or may not be a problem in equating plural "seasons" with a singular "reason" — I'll leave that to you and others to decide.
    But grammatically, you have a perfect right to put "ser" between a singular noun and a plural noun. In that case, always make "ser" agree with the plural noun, regardless whether it's the subject or the predicate nominative.
    "El problema principal son los carros que caminan demasiado rápido."
    "Su actividad favorita eran los deportes."

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