es más grande que la talla indicada / da más talla

Holly G

Spanish, Spain
¿Cómo se diría en inglés que la ropa de una tienda da mucha talla?. Por ejemplo, "la ropa de Zara da mucha talla". Es decir, que si es de la talla 40 es más grande de lo que te esperarías para esa talla. Gracias!
  • Holly G

    Spanish, Spain
    Thanks Tezza. Not really. What I mean is that a manufacturer produces garments with more generous sizes. For instance, if you are a size 8 and you try your size in that store, you should go for a 6, because 8 is larger than you expected. Maybe "it´s big for the size" would be correct.


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    English, UK
    Shoe sizes with the same number vary considerably. I myself have worn comfortably-fitting size nines, tens and nine-and-a-halves (English sizes). Say, a big size 40, 43. or In this context, Zara's shoe sizes are big fittings. I assume that Zara is the name of a shoe shop.
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