es sind Tarifverträge analog dem öffentlichen Dienst geschlossen worden.

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  1. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.

    Reading about clearing up the problem of regional parliamentary members employing relatives.

    Bei allen anderen Arbeitsverhältnissen, soweit ich das jetzt ein stückweit eruieren konnte in diesem Telefonmarathon, sind sehr viele Mini-Jobs oder es sind Tarifverträge analog dem öffentlichen Dienst geschlossen worden.

    With all other working relationships, as far as I have been able to ascertain to some extent in this telephone marathon, there were discovered very many part-time jobs or jobs paid at a certain rate linked to public service.

    can someone tell me if I understand this phrase? it is not one I have met before. Danke sehr. :)
  2. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    Hi candel,

    "analog" means here "in the same way/using the same principles".
    analog dem öffentlichen Dienst=wie im öffentlichen Dienst

    Tarivverträge schließen = Tarifverträge abschließen ("geschlossen" is the participle of "schließen" and indicates past perfect (vollendete Gegenwart).)

    "Oder" is the non-excluding "or" and here it includes "and".

    or/and they made/signed contracts with the same principles/similar to that in public service.
  3. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.
    Can someone put it in English? It still isn't clear to me despite Hutschi's excellent breakdown..I can't put humpty together again..:)
  4. Sowka

    Sowka Senior Member

    German, Northern Germany
    Hello :)

    The paragraph reads:
    So there are employment contracts that are considered problematic.

    Among all the other employment contracts (bei allen anderen Arbeitsverhältnissen), there are
    1) many mini jobs (these are jobs with a salary below the tax declaration limit (450 Euro, I believe))
    2) collective agreements (Tarifverträge) that have been concluded similar to the ones applying to the general public service.

    I have to say that I don't fully understand the last part. Tarifverträge are concluded between the Trade Union and the Employers' Association of the relevant branch, and they apply to all the employees working in that branch. So I think there can't be additional Tarifverträge concluded for these persons. I think that they wanted to say under 2) that the conditions stated in the individual employment contracts were based on the Tarifvertrag of the öffentlichen Dienst. But the text says: Tarifvertrag, not Arbeitsvertrag. And I may be wrong, of course. I'm a heavy metal employee. ;)
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  5. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    I try to break it down:

    Bei allen anderen Arbeitsverhältnissen,
    (soweit ich das jetzt ein stückweit eruieren konnte in diesem Telefonmarathon,)
    sind sehr viele Mini-Jobs = es sind sehr viele Minijobs (geschlossen worden)
    es sind Tarifverträge analog dem öffentlichen Dienst
    geschlossen worden.

    For all other/ in case of all other job contracts
    (as far as I could find step for step in this telephone interview)
    there were made/they made a lot of job contracts for mini jobs
    they made a lot of contracts similar to the contracts/in analogy to the contracts in public service.

    The style is strange and colloquial, as in oral communication with a stylish style ("eruieren")

    By the way, I did not understand fully what is not clear, so in my first posting I guessed it is the usage of "or" and of "eruieren".
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  6. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.
    Is it a bit like saying that they made agreements on a par/equivalent to others made in the public sector?

    Thank you both so very much..sometimes German can be very testing for a poor old Anglo..:)
  7. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    These are two different kinds of contract.

    "Bei allen anderen" indicates that there was a base set with other principles.
    They made three kinds of agreements:

    1. agreements, not mentioned explicitely in your sentence.

    "Bei allen anderen Arbeitsverhältnissen" "all other agreements" in two ways:
    2. - "Minijobs" - these are jobs below 400 Euro - without payment of social insurance.
    3. - Jobs based on agreements according to tarif contracts (Tarifverträge


    It is hard to understand because of the exxaggerated coll. style, even for German natives.
    Sowka explained it.
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  8. candel Senior Member

    english Irish.
    Yes Sowka did a great job...I think the mix of language plus the complexities of the way employment works in Germany complicates it for an outsider. In the uk hourly rates vary and tax rates vary with how much you get permanent contracts or you are without the cover of a permanent contract..part-time or full time can apply to either category of permanent or not.

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