es verdad que (subjunctive/indicative)

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  1. kyaserin Member

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    Is a statement using, es verdad que, subjunctive?

    for an example,

    es verdad que esto libro es rojo.

    although it is an es...que statement, it's a fact & not really an opinion.. does that keep it the way it is?
  2. kw10 Senior Member

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    "Es verdad que..." does not need subjunctive, like you guessed, since it´s stating a fact. The same thing is true with other phrases like "Es cierto que", "Pienso que", "Creo que", and so on.

    But for all of these, if you use them in the negative ("No es verdad que...") then you do need subjunctive, because in that case you´re saying what´s NOT true.

    Hope this helps clarify things!
  3. kyaserin Member

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    Thank you very much! That's very helpful information.

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