ESA - Educación Secundaria para Adultos

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  1. fan fatal Senior Member

    Seville, Spain
    Spain, Spanish
    Hola, ¿puedo decir: "Revision activities and corrections for ESA" para referirme a "Actividades de Repaso y correcciones para la Educación Secundaria para Adultos"? ¿Alguna sugerencia?
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  2. Lis48

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    ESA can stand for so many things that we need more context. Is it AE or BE?
  3. fan fatal Senior Member

    Seville, Spain
    Spain, Spanish
    It is BE... but what I want to know is if I could refer to this Spanish word in English as well, with that meaning of Compulsory Education for Adults.
    Thank you again!
  4. fenixpollo

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    American English
    No, because the acronym is in Spanish. Most English-speakers, when they see an acronym, will think of English acronyms... in this case, I would think of the European Space Agency.

    In the US, there are two concepts that are similar to ESA: Adult Basic Education (ABE) or General Education Diploma (GED). I don't think that they're used in British English. If the audience for your translation were American, you could say "...corrections for Adult Basic Education, or "ESA", as it's known in Spain." (or something like that).


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