Esame di Stato - 100 e lode


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I applied to Imperial College in London and I got a conditional offer. The only condition was: "Pass the Esame di Stato with a score of 100".
I passed the Esame di Stato with a score of 100 e lode and I need to provide a proof of it.

Is it correct to translate "100 e lode" as "100 with honours"? Does "honours" only apply to University grades?

Note: I can't translate it neither as "top score", nor as "summa cum laude" nor as "A*" since they required at least "100" (which is the Italian notation).
  • matteo.pelosi

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    E fare un mix dei due? 100 cum laude Non sono sicuro al 100% ma penso sia la scelta migliore se devi usare per forza la notazione italiana