ESAT (Établissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail)

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    I am looking for an English translation for this phrase.

    To give some context, this is a French non-profit organisation which helps disabled people back into work. It used to be known as a Centre d’aide par le travail (CAT).
  2. lilengero New Member

    "Helping through work Service" may translate the full concept since "Établissement", in this context, can be seen as an imitation of French administrative jargon : "Établissement public", meaning "personne morale administrative chargée de gérer un service public". It is very close to the word "Service" that has, also, a Service public touch.
    The non-profit organization you mention may very well have a few employees and, because of its "social" scope, will probably be totally subsidized. Thus the idea of giving it a look-alike Public service name. Its former name "Centre d’aide par le travail (CAT)" probably didn't fit in enough with the implicit call for public money. May I just add that translating the names of French quangos and semi-official entities may not not be that useful. Do we translate Foreign Office into French "Bureau étranger" ?
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    Thanks lilengero. I think I'll leave it in French as you suggested, and give an explanation in brackets.
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    My suggestion:

    Place of assisted employment for handicapped persons

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