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I've looked everywhere but haven't found the word that really suits. It's a tender for IT specialized services I'm translating from Spanish into English and the word appears in the following context, describing a section in a Data Center or Data Warehouse:

Command Center: it is a critical area dealing with event and requirement record, and with the management of escalamientos.

I'm not sure whether it deals with the track a case, problem or complaint follows until it reaches the department or person that can actually give a solution.

What follows is :
Aquí se operan los sistemas de monitoreo, realizándose la labor de correlación de eventos y resolución de primer nivel, utilizando los procedimientos (y workaround) que han sido desarrollados por las áreas de especialistas.

I hope you can help me (soon).
Thanks in advance!
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  • This interests me because I use "escalamiento" for "burglary" in the criminal law context. Am I wrong? It looks like it comes from "escalar," which can also mean

    Ascender social o profesionalmente, no siempre por buenos medios:
    ha conseguido escalar gracias a las continuas recomendaciones de su tío.
    This is oh so late, but I wonder if it refers to "forwarding" information to the appropriate entities or units for action.
    In other words, at the command center, issues are assessed and then forwarded, and maybe even followed up on (management).