Escalation / escalated to the manager

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What does "escalation" means at this context:

  • Escalations. CLIENT is expecting the Food Service provider to offer a program encompassing all its sites within a region or regions. It is expected that smaller sites will get the attention of the Supplier in the same way as the larger sites. The supplier is expected to drive consistency across all sites within a region or regions (where legally permitted) by offering consistent delivery of programs. Additionally, any repeat issues at any site will be escalated to the Global program manager for both CLIENT and the Supplier. Any escalated issues are expected to be addressed and acknowledged within 24 hours and permanent corrective action plans developed within 72 hours. [...]
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    If an issue or conflict "escalates", it gets worse or is taken to the next level. The first time a problem happens, the local program manager is in charge. If the problem happens again, this is more serious and the global program manager is in charge.
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