1. NeilPNC New Member

    I work in a call center for a bank and from time to time there are certain problems that the frontline representatives are not capable of handling. In these cases, we transfer the calls to an escalation team or sometimes we call it the escalation group. They take on special cases that require more research than cannot be handled in one phone call and then they follow up with the client. I work on the bilingual team and we can't come up with a definitive way to translate this and usually end up talking around it: un departamento que toma los casos especiales or something like that.

    What are some viable options for this? Thank you in advance!
  2. PAUL B.T.

    PAUL B.T. Senior Member

    En un entorno similar he escuchado referirse a ese tipo de agentes como "(operadores) especialistas"
    Sin complicarte mucho más.

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