escalation to management

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Jin akashini

Senior Member
Hi, every one
Here is sentence "Enter titles and control number of documents that describe rules for escalation to management, Also indicate the history of escalation, history of responding direction from management".
Can you explain the meaning of the phrase " escalation to management" for me.
This sentence is written in my technical document on producing bearing.
Thank in advance!
  • Egmont

    Senior Member
    English - U.S.
    "Escalation" is the process of bringing something to the attention of higher levels of management. If a problem is not solved at a low level, it is escalated: brought to a higher level. This may continue for several stages.

    The verb "escalate" is also used in a non-management context. If the first line of support people at the call center cannot solve a technical problem, the problem can be escalated to more experienced people. If those people cannot solve the problem, it is escalated to real experts.
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