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  1. Linnets

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    what is the correct pronunciation in Dutch of the surname Escher?
    I've found different transcriptions:
    (Duden) [ˈɛsər];
    (Wikipedia) [ˈɛsjər];
    (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language) [ˈɛsxər]; this would be the expected Dutch pronunciation if Escher was a native Dutch surname, since sch in non-final position should represent /sx/.
    Also, the final r should be a tap [ɾ] rather than a trill.
    The recordings I've found on the web show a pronuncation similar to [ˈɛʃəɾ].
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  2. Lopes

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    Dutch (Amsterdam)
    From what I understand of phonetic transcription, that would be the right pronunciation yes. So that means indeed that it's not the "normal" Dutch pronounciation of Escher.
  3. Frank06

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    Nederlands / Dutch (Belgium)

    I agree with Lopes on the pronunciation [ˈɛʃəɾ]. The original German pronunciation seems to have survived.
    "Escher: Persoon afkomstig uit Esch, in duitstalig gebied op verschillende plaatsen voorkomende plaatsnaam." (Nederlandse familienamen databank)
    (+/- Person from Esch, German toponym).

    One minor addition, though:
    No, not necessarily so. If we'd assume that Escher is a native Dutch name (just for the sake of the debate and regardless the possible history of the word), then this wouldn't automatically mean that -sch- is to be pronounced as /sx/.
    Names are often written in a very obselete way, and word final <-sch> is pronounced as /s/ (already since the Middle Ages). Up to the 1940s, words as mens and mensen were written as mensch, menschen, but normally pronounced as /s/. We still have this abberation in words as fantastisch and Russisch and hence in fantastischer, Russische. Family and other names as De Visscher and Vermeersch are normally pronounced with /s/, though some family traditions demand the pronunciation /-sx-).



    PS 1. The on line version of the AHDEL also gives /eshər/ (which I guess is to be pronounced as /ˈɛʃəɾ/.
    PS 2. Other Dutch names in the AHDEL are transcribed in very un-Dutch ways :), cf. Van Gogh :).
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  4. Linnets

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    Thanks a lot, this confirms my idea.

    Should it be "Gogh, Vincent van"?

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