escuela/colegio particular - subvencionado


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Chile - Español

In Chile we have a least three types of school:

Public schools, "colegios particulares" (private school) and "colegios particular - subvencionados" this kind of school is a privare school that recieves aid from the government. Is there a term in Englsih to describe this type of schools?

My try (I'm not sure)
"Private-subsidized", "private - government subsidized"

Thanks in advance
  • In the US within the last 10-15 years, a new type of publically funded school has come into existence. It's called a "charter school." Charter schools came about in response to the perception that the public schools were inadequate or failing. Many are located in urban areas. I think that there are very few in suburban or rural areas. The rules governing charter schools vary by school district (a subunit of local governments). I believe that most charter schools are run by for-profit companies under the supervision of the local school district.
    Private schools --I teach at one-- may receive government monies for some things, such as textbooks and bus transportation for students. Each textbook must have a government stamp mark in it!