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I'm lost in translation (ha!). I don't know how to translate this term into English. It's not in wikipedia, not in linguee... I don't know where else I should look up this word.

It's a very specific (structural engineer-related) term and I can only provide you with this good explanation I found (Spanish, obviously):
El Rasante, ese gran desconocido (Parte I) - Estructurando

I'll translate one of the main paragraphs... maybe someone knows something about it:
"...[el esfuerzo rasante] explica la cualidad de una viga por la cual, a mayor canto mejor resistencia mecánica para soportar una cargas determinadas. Sin la existencia del rasante cada una de las infinitas fibras longitudinales que componen la sección resistente trabajaría de forma independiente y el número de las mismas no tendría ninguna influencia en la rigidez del elemento final; dicho de otra manera, la deformabilidad de dicho elemento final no dependería del canto de la sección resistente."

"The rasante strength explains how the bigger the edge of a beam, the better its mechanic resistance is (to support certain loads). Without the existence of rasante each and every of the infinite longitudinal fibers in the resistence edge would work independently and the number of them would not have any influence whatsoever in the stiffness of the final element: the ability to keep its shape would not depend on the edge of the resistent edge".

Someone help me, please!
Thanks in advance
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    Okay, so understanding what exactly "esfuerzo rasante" is, I guess a good try would be "shear stress between two elements".
    If anyone was wondering, the "esfuerzo cortante" or "shear stress" takes place basically within an element, and the "esfuerzo rasante" takes place between 2 different elements.


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    Hola, Iribela, gracias por tu respuesta.
    However, 'shear stress' actually refers to 'tensión cortante', which is not quite the same:
    Shear stress - Wikipedia
    Lo siento, borraré el aporte anterior para no confundir. Mientras tanto, encontré un portal donde tienen la siguiente definición:

    esfuerzo rasante

    cat.: esforç rasant m.; eng.: shearing force
    m. El esfuerzo rasante es el producto de las tensiones tangenciales por el ancho de la sección de la pieza (viga) en la superficie de deslizamiento.
    Y en el diccionario:

    shear force
    A force acting in a direction parallel to a surface or to a planar cross section of a body. Also called shearing force.

    Veamos si aparece algún forero experto en el tema para que te ayude.


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    Hi all,

    I know this thread might be quite old now but it is something I have come across multiple times.

    I am a Spanish Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, educated in Spain. I have worked most of my professional life in the UK / Ireland as a Structural Engineer.

    I am sorry, but I have never found a complete match to the term "Esfuerzo Rasante". In my opinion it is a very specific term, referring to a very particular beam-bending phenomena which is used in the Spanish lingo among engineers. I don't believe there is an equivalent in English. Either way, I have never heard any term specific for this from any of my colleagues here. When referring to the same phenomena, English speakers would use a simple "shear stress" or "section shearing stress". That is as good as it gets.

    !Un saludo!
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