Eso que ni que


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The question: Usted tambien cree que ella mato a su marido?
The answer: Eso que ni que, pero no tengo pruebas.
Can some one please translate "Eso que ni que"?
Muchas gracias
  • Jim986

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    Hi. Well, no, I can't since I've never heard anyone say that. But from the context it's pretty clear that he/she's saying something like "that's for sure" or "right on".


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    Hello. It is "eso que ni qué" and is probably mexican. Jim is right: it is an affirmation and means "without doubt" or something like that.

    The question: "Usted también cree que ella mató a su marido?
    The answer: Eso que ni qué [or "De eso no hay duda"], pero no tengo pruebas.



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    Actually I was thinking that it could be an abbreviation of the expression "no hay ni que decirlo" which would mean "that goes without saying"


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    Thanks again. This is apparently a favorite saying of one of the characters in the daily spanish soap opera I watch and I just can't seem to quite grasp exactly what he is trying to communicate when he says it. Maybe I can capture a few more of his uses of the phrase in context and send them to you,


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    Actually you're right. "It goes without saying is an excellent translation." And it is Mexican. The first time I heard it was from a friend while I was speaking with her in the capital of México, México City. Except when she said it, she did not say "eso." But I was talking with another friend from there who never uses the term. She said that it might be regional. She lives in Satélite, Distrito Federal. The other lives near there, in the north of Mexico City, near Arboledas. These are different areas of the DF.

    (Eso) Que ni que: It doesn’t even have to be mentioned/said / Goes without saying / There’s no doubt / No hay duda

    Example from the novela DKDA (Decada)

    Si veo a mi hija bien como ayer que salía con sus padres en ese carro elegante, pos (pues) Me da más tranquilidad, aunque la sigue extrañdo.

    If I see that my daughter is well, like yesterday as she was leaving with her biological parents in that very elegant car, well, it gives me more peace, even if I continue to miss her.

    Eso que ni que.

    Of course. It goes without saying.

    (Es) que ni (hay) que (decirlo.)
    que ni (hay) que (decirlo.)
    que ni que (decirlo.)
    que ni que

    It's almost like how "ni modo" is a shortened phrase.
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