1. aedude94 Senior Member

    English United States
    Why do people sometimes say Espérate instead of just Espera for the command form of Esperar? I mean, I understand Espérame, because "wait for ME." But I do not understand why the te is put in there sometimes, and it's not everytime, it's just sometimes. Does it give the word a different meaning? Thanks!
  2. Bocha

    Bocha Senior Member

    Espera un momento=espérate un momento

    espérate un momento: es más expresivo, y suele indicar cierta impaciencia del que habla.
  3. laydiC

    laydiC Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA spanglish
    Es cuestión de regionalismos. En Latinoamérica decimos Espérate un segundo... En España dicen Espera un segundo.
  4. Fanderichie New Member

    Spanish, Spain
    Hmmm...both are the same. There's no difference between them.
  5. aedude94 Senior Member

    English United States
    Thanks! Also, I have noticed people on this TV show I watch saying "Digo" and then something they thing or are trying to tell the other person. Why do they say "digo"? Isn't that saying something like "I say..."? Is that said like that? Thanks!
  6. La_Cris Member

    I think in that case "Digo" is like "I mean"

    What do you think?
  7. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Es cuando uno comete un error o cambia de parecer, entonces expresa ¨digo¨, y dice otra cosa. en inglés es así: I saw her last Friday, I mean, last Saturday.
    Si a eso es a lo que te refieres.
  8. faranji Senior Member

    Bahia (Brasil)
    Completamente de acuerdo.

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