Espíritu Santo (sarcasm)

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  1. unok-kun Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Well, I'm here translating to English and I've come with a sarcasm used at times in Spain. Well, it's like this:

    ¡¿Y quién crees que te ha curado?! ¡¿El Espíritu Santo?!
    And who do you think healed you?! The Holy Spirit?!

    In context, it's the speaker who healed him, obviously. I'd like to know if that sarcasm can be used in English, and if not, whether there's some other sarcasm that could fit there (it doesn't have to be related to religion, anything would fit in).

    Thanks in advance~
  2. Dlyons

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    English - Ireland
    It could be used, but would be a lot less usual than in Spain.

    I don't know if the context absolutely requires "who" but, if not, something like
    "And what do you think healed you?! A bleedin'/flaming/bloody miracle ?!" would work.

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