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  1. stevez New Member

    Hi to everyone,

    I've got a question about the difference between "Español" and "Castellano". I know Castellano is the original language from Castilia, and it was taken as the official language of Spain when it was united, therfore they brobably begun to call it Español. I know the language is referred to as Español by many if not all the countries in the world, including spanish-speaking countries, but people from regions of Spain whose first language is not Español (ie Catalá, Euskera, Gallego..) use to refer to it as Castellano.

    The question is: which is the real, official name of the language?

    Thanks, stevez
  2. ArthurCox

    ArthurCox Member

    Español y Català, España
    Ah, the endless discussion. There is no correct to say it. Both Español and Castellano. I say castellano, for example. You may check the article on Wikipedia about that:

    I found on the DPD:

    So you may use español then!
  3. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    Español (Spanish) is the official name of the language. That's the language listed in the European Union, not the word "castellano." Español is the word that the Instituto Cervantes uses, and that is the organization in charge of spreading the teaching of the Spanish language and Spanish culture around the world.

    Also, last month in Colombia there was a conference about the Spanish language and it was called "El IV Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española" not "El IV Congreso Internacional del Castellano."
  4. stevez New Member

    Acabo de leer el ariculo en Wikipedia, es muy bien hecho y esplicativo. Aconsejo a todos los que estén interesados que lo lean.
  5. Soy andaluz,no soy castellano ni hablo castellano, aunque por supuesto es el mismo pero con connotaciones del sur. Si yo viajo a otras regiones de España,inmediatamente se darian cuenta que no hablo castellano,sino andaluz o español del sur.Creo que donde se utiliza mas esta palabra es en Cataluña para poder distinguir de los de habla-catalana o habla-castellana.Lo mismo ocurre en los paises de habla hispana, hablan español .
  6. fenixpollo

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    There are already many, many threads on this subject in the forum. Please search the forum for more information and opinions on this subject.

    This thread does not belong in General Vocabulary, because it is not a request to translate a specific word or phrase. It is now closed.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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