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France- français

I would like to translate from french to english "espace pro"
context: "espace réservez aux les professionnels"
I just want to translate a similar expresion if it exists.
Someone can help me?
  • Old Novice

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    USA, English
    I'm not aware of a precise analogue for the broad category, "professionals." In AE, at least, we tend instead to be more specific. For example, we sometimes label a particular space as "belonging" to a particular group, e.g., "teacher's lounge" or "executive dining room". Or we might put an "X Only" sign on it, e.g., "Doctors Only".

    But I can't think of a general phrase for such things.


    US, English, Polish
    "Espace Pro" appears in online context and could be translated as "Members Only" , "Members' Zone" or anything more creative, depending on the context / type of website.

    In FR, correct phrase should be: "espace réservé aux professionnels"


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    I need to translate "Espace Pro" on a tourist office website.

    On an equivalent site I saw "Trade Area" but this sounds a little odd to me.
    In my context, "MICE" or "Business" or "Tourism professionals" might work, but I think I will just use "For professionals" (which I also saw on a similar site). Hope these suggestions help someone.

    P.S. Old Novice, unless one teacher is very lucky and has a whole lounge to him- or herself, I think you meant "Teachers' lounge"!
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