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    My text is talking about how Galicia should use its geography to its advantage, and mentions "espacios naturales". I've read the other forum postings and am not sure that they are referring to wildlife reserves in this context as it seemed more general/economical referring to Northern Portugal and Castille/Asturias, could any natives clarify this please?

    Pero si Galicia ha de mantener ou gañar posiciones relativas, tiene que reclamar el equilibrio entre los dos bordes de la península y saber entender las sinergías con sus espacios naturales, que son el Norte de Portugal y el contorno castellano e asturiano.

    But if Galicia is to maintain or gain relative positions, it has to demand a fair balance between the two edges of the peninsula and understand the synergies with its natural areas/open spaces, these being the North of Portugal and the surrounding area of Castile and Asturias.

    Gracias de antemano
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    I think is just speaking about the borders of Galicia, the nearest regions surrounding it, and because they are the nearest, are the "natural" (logic) ones you must take care of and improve good relationships.

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    I suggest natural spaces here means unspoiled. (as has always existed in nature)
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    Thank you both for your suggestions, I remain unconvinced that it's referring to the maintenance of its green spaces -
    The text is talking about Galicia's natural resources and using them to their full potential to challenge the Mediterranean arc economically - hence why it talks about redressing the equilibrio between the influence of the Med and the Atlantic. Is it possible that, as Seymour inferred, that it's referring more specifically to the closest landed areas to the region and the strengthening of partnerships with them? so nothing to do with wildlife or green spaces but more to the physical geography? in which case "open spaces" is not a relevant translation...
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    It's all about learning from each other =)

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