espacios pedagogicos implementados

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  1. Lucia Salinas Member

    Spanish- Chile
    this is my current dilema

    How to translate (into english)

    espacios pedagogicos implementados de facil acceso

    I have

    Implemented pedagogical spaces, easy to access

    not happy with it, not sure
  2. meat pies!! Member

    land of Aus

    As an english speaker, i'm not quite sure what you are trying to say. What is the context and purpose of the phrase. That may be helpful to translate.

    Either way it would be better to say:

    pedagogical spaces Implemented , easy to access

    the easy to acces bit is right. sorry my spanish isn't very good so i can't help much.

  3. Lucia Salinas Member

    Spanish- Chile
    is a translation about childhood education.
    'The entire parragraph is context is
    The best way to learn is through relevant methodological resources, innovative materials, from what's concrete to what's abstract, learning facilitators, implemented pedagogical spaces easy to access; planning according to specific needs and interests of each group, in accordance with obtained diagnoses.

    easy to access means that the're handy, close to transport, to isolated


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