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Hi all,

I’m having some difficulty choosing between terms to translate “espandibilità”. In a document that talks about commutatori di rete automatici:
Le funzioni base del commutatore possono essere facilmente ampliate grazie ai
moduli di espansione serie EXP.
I feel that it would be fine to use “expandability” in this context, but unfortunately it came to mind that another term, “expansibility” also exists and now I’m in a pickle. I can’t think of any difference between them, but I’m concerned that they may not be completely interchangeable, and perhaps here one is better than the other.

Is this a fuss about nothing, would you say?

  • Hi Mark,

    Of course I cannot suggest you nothing about the choice between the two English term you provided but I can suggest you something about the Italian term. Esapndibilità is the capacity of expansion of something, so can you change esapndibilità in espansione and translate it as expansion?

    By my italian point of view it seems to me that there is no differences between espandibilità and espansione as an header of a paragraph, especially in a technical context.

    Hope this help
    Serves me right for trying to be all clever! I was trying to avoid posting my actual source for privacy purposes by using the nearest equivalent that I could find on the web, but I see that it’s backfired on me because you’re quite right: "Expansion" would be a perfectly valid title here.

    So my doubt remains, despite your valiant effort. :)
    Hello Mark D!

    In Automation, correct translation of "moduli di espansione" is "expansion modules" and "espandibilità" = "espansione" = "expansion".