especially and particularly

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hello guys,

1. please send me the missing appendixes, especially the appendix H.
2. please send me the missing appendixes, particularly the appendix H.

Dose the 1st sentence means the speaker ask for all missing appendixes while the 2nd sentence means the speaker is only asking for appendix H?

is there any other expression to ask for all appendixes and emphasis appendix H must be sent?

Thank you !
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    Both words mean approximately the same thing here, and both sentences require all the appendixes to be sent (so it's an odd sentence).

    Let's take a better example:
    I like meat, especially salami.
    I like meat, particularly salami.

    Both the same.

    And all sentences require a capital letter for their first word -- please edit your post to correct that.

    Please search for previous threads. I found these by putting especially particularly in the Search box at the top of the page:
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