...especially <around> the holidays.

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Hello. In the movie Home Alone a kid is having a conversation with an elderly citizen who said that he hasn't been talking to his son since they had an argument a long time ago " "I don't care how mad I was; I'd talk to my dad...especially around the holidays". Does "around" means the same as "on" or "during"? Thank you.
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    It has a very similar meaning to "during" in this case, although it has a slightly more vague meaning. Here are some more examples of the use of "around" as a temporal construct:

    1) I get sad, especially around winter-time. This is a result of Seasonal Affective Disorder.
    2) I will be there around half past 11 in the morning.
    3) I will be free around the 5th of January for a consultation with the doctor.
    4) I met your father around Easter time, 25 years ago.

    Note: Around could also be substituted with "Round about"
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