Especially in the School Holidays

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Hi, I'm trying to say "My family and I don't go abroad often because it's very expensive, especially in the School holidays"
My attempt is "Meine Familie und ich nicht oft ins Ausland reisen da ist es sehr teuer, besonders in die Schulferien"
I pretty sure that the words are correct but am a bit concerned about word order?

All help will be much appreciated, thank you!
  • ger4

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    The only problem is the word order, everything else is correct. The verb in the main clause should be in second position:

    (1) Meine Familie und ich ...
    (2) ... reisen...
    (3) ... nicht oft...
    (4) ... ins Ausland,...

    In the sub-clause, the verb is in final position:

    (5) ... da...
    (6) ... es..
    (7) ... dort..
    (8) ... sehr teuer...
    (9) ... ist, ...

    The rest is (almost) correct:
    ...besonders in
    den Schulferien.

    die Schulferien (nominative)
    den Schulferien (dative)
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