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    Hi all,

    The text I'm working on keeps using "espejo" in contexts where it clearly doesn't mean "mirror", such as this sentence:

    "Todos los valores de separaciones longitudinales y distancias verticales entre el DCC y el brazo del winche activo o la bocina guía de cables del espejo, deberán ser plenamente respetadas."

    My attempt:

    "All the values of the longitudinal separations and vertical distances between the CLD and the active winch arm or the cable guide tube of the ship's side should be maintained in full."

    I based this on a definition on the RAE website for "espejo de popa", which describes it as "Fachada que presenta la popa desde la bovedilla hasta el coronamiento."

    Can anyone tell me whether I've guessed right here or whether I've finally gone crazy? Thank you!

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    Espejo de popa = flat of the stern/upper stern/stern escutcheon/transom.
    Fachada (espejo de popa) is the surface that forms the stern from the lower arched or angled part (lower counter "bovedilla inferior") to the upper part (taffrail "coronamiento"
    Espejo (embarcación) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
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