Esperanto: Did you learn any Esperanto yet?


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English - USA
I just started learning Esperanto a few days ago and i'm trying to ask my friend if she learned any Esperanto yet.

My try:
Ĉu vi jam lernis iom da Esperanton?

  • Brioche

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    Australia English
    I will admit that in colloquial US English people phrase the question like that, but in Standard English, the question should be "Have you learned any Esperanto yet".

    Ĉu vi jam lernis iom da Esperanto

    No -n on the end.

    If you asked:
    Ĉu vi jam lernis Esperanton?
    it does need -n.

    After da you use the "normal" form of the word.
    Mi jam lernis multe da Esperantaj vortoj.
    Mi jam lernis multajn Esperantajn vortojn.