Esperanza (name)

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  1. Hege Member

    Norway, Norwegian
    Hola a todos :)

    Someone asked me today if my name had a meaning, and I told them it meant "Holy".. and they then told me that in Spanish that was translated into "Esperanza".. but I thought that meant "Hope"??

    Hege :)
  2. Xewells

    Xewells Senior Member

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    American English
    Esperanza is hope.
    Sagrado or santo is Holy
  3. Cleotis

    Cleotis Senior Member

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    Spanish (Castellano)
    I thought so too. I thought "holy" was "santo" and "hope" was "Esperanza", but let's see other opinions.

  4. JimboX Member

    Mexico, Spanish

    Unless someone knows of a way you can translate "Holy" into "Esperanza" (and if you do please let us all know), then they are wrong, as "Holy" would be translated as "Divina" or "Sagrada"
  5. Hege Member

    Norway, Norwegian
    Thank you so much everyone for the fast response :)
    I thougt so too, that esperanza meant hope :)

    ..Have a wonderful evening :)

    Hege :D
  6. rooseveltnut New Member

    OK Esperanza means hope. But Esperando means "Waiting for" something. Then how do you say "Hoping for" something. I saw an ad that said, "Estan esperando bebe." Someone at work said that it means, They are waiting for a baby...... I'm confused. I need some help , obviously.

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