1. phjarne New Member

    In the movie, Gods and Generals, General Jackson refers to his wife as his little esposita. What is he refering to?
  2. rainy7 Senior Member

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    Hi, phjarne.

    My guess is that he is probably using this diminutive form of esposa (wife) in an affectionate/endearing way.

    You could translate "little esposita" as something like "my dear/darling little wife".

    Best wishes.
  3. Artrella Banned


    Hi PHJarne!! Welcome!!

    Esposa = Wife

    Esposita = affectionate term for "wife" ( literally = little wife )

  4. phjarne New Member

    Thank you so very much.
  5. jaktheking New Member

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    Thanks for this thread. I couldn't find the def of esposita anywhere.
  6. dannybtran New Member

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    So was Gen Jackson being redundant by saying little esposita? i.e. little "little wife" Is it like saying "mi esposita pequeña" ?
  7. elanglojicano

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    Welcome, jaktheking. And rainy7 provided a useful hint for finding the definitions of terms that bear the suffix ito or ita.

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