esquemas (romper, cambiar)

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  1. samarkanda Senior Member

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    Hello everyone.

    I couldn't find a translation for the notion "romper los esquemas" or "cambiar los esquemas" in WR or the forum. Does any one know of a similar expression in English?

    Here is some context:
    "Esta propuesta me ha cambiado un poco los esquemas, aunque al principio no me ha cuadrado una vez visto en la foto me ha parecido una idea chula."

    Thank you.
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  2. fenixpollo

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    If you search our dictionary for romper esquemas and look at the bottom of the page, you will see several previous forum conversations about that subject. One of the suggested translations in those threads is change one's preconceptions, which might work in this context.
  3. samarkanda Senior Member

    Catalan / Spanish (Spain)
    Thank you fenixpollo! I looked up esquemas and there was nothing there...

    Your suggestion definitely works here.

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