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The translation of un esquimau (bâtonnet de glace) as Eskimo Pie means nothing to British English speakers as this is purely an American product - which incidentally has just been renamed as it is considered offensive! I would suggest "a chocolate-covered ice-cream on a stick" (unless anyone can come up with something better!) Being a British English speaker, I would just call this a Magnum. Magnum (ice cream) - Wikipedia.

From what I can see on Google, the French also call an ice lolly "un esquimau", but I've found "une glace à l'eau" in WR - which seem to be home-made ice lollies on google, not the commercially available ones. Online, I've found "glace esquimau" and even "esquimau glacé". Could we have some clarification please?
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    In French, esquimau has been used as a generic name for crème glacée en bâtonnet enrobée de chocolat for decades. The trade name Esquimau has been genericised before WWII (unlike Magnum, which has been introduced in 1989).

    The term is not (or not yet?) seen as racist, inappropriate or offensive in France. See here: On vous explique pourquoi le mot « esquimaux » blesse les Inuits

    As to glaces à l'eau, these are ice pops / popsicles, they do not contain any dairy product (or vegan alternatives to dairy products). Une glace à l'eau is basically a sherbet, except that it comes on a stick... and sounds less posh.
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