1. Wordrappinhood New Member

    What does "princeps" mean here for a clinical trial? First? Pivotal?
    They are talking about the 'princeps" trials for a new vaccine.
  2. Ilialluna

    Ilialluna Senior Member

    Hi. I assume "essai princeps" is a French term. If so, I would translate it as "first trial".
    Hope it helps.
  3. aviangel Senior Member

    Spain; spanish
    Asuming that "essai princeps" is in French language, I guess "pivotal assay".
  4. amychi New Member

    Just bumped into this old thread, belatedly, but for future needs: "seminal" is the word :)
  5. jbelmont Senior Member

    USA: Merriam, Kansas
    English, USA
    It it's a clinical trial that's being described, "seminal" almost certainly does not work. I'm assuming that it is what American medical researchers call the Phase 1 trial. That is, the first of at least three trials required before a new drug or technique can be approved for clinical use.

    Note that "seminal" means that the thing thus described is not only the first or original, but also had notable influence on later works.

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