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What is the most accurate term to call a handwritten, no more that 10- 15 pages "discussion" about, for instance, Romanticism in Britain or Sentence structure in English?

I have a lot of alternatives - essay, paper, presentation, discussion, but I would like to choose the most appropiate.

Thanks so much for you help
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    I think it depends on the circumstances, Odio.

    I would restrict discussion, perhaps, to an informal reference to the document, or to oral communication, but between the other three:

    Essay - fine, standard unemotive term for such a piece of writing. Unspecific about its purpose. The term used in academic circles.

    Paper - suggests a purpose, perhaps a response to a request, or something which has been written to elucidate a problem for a committee. A term much used in businesses.

    Presentation - suggests that the author is going to present it himself, perhaps using multi-media techniques to do so. If the essay isn't going to be read aloud to an audience of more than twenty people, who can ask questions at the end, then I'd go for one of the other two.


    Spain- Castellano
    Thank you so much for your clarification. I will use "essay" as, after your explanation, I realised it is the term which best defines what I will be doing.

    Thanks again


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    [countable] a written piece of schoolwork, as a composition or report:
    The sixth-grade class had to do a paper on a science project.

    I saw this from WR dictionary.

    In my humble opinion, I think "paper" is also much used in academic circles.

    Who can confirm that?

    Thank you.
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