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I found the name of this game (Essence Game) in a novel for teenagers, but I could not find a description for it anywhere. (it is only mentioned once in the book with no explanation, just a short sentence "we have to remember to play the Essence Game".) According to the context it should be something that teenagers play in groups. Is it a real game or is it something that the author made up?
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    Here's a version of 'The Essence Game':
    How to play: Gather a group of friends. Select one person to be the "Asker." Send him from the room. When the "Asker" is gone, choose an "It" from among those players remaining.

    The asker's task: To determine who is "It" by asking any of the group members three essence questions.

    Questions: Ask questions in the following manner: "If the "It" were a ---, what would he be? (Example: "If the "It" were a gemstone, what would she be?" Answers might include, "ruby," "diamond," "emerald," etc.)

    To win: The "Asker" must guess who the "It" is. If right, he rejoins the group. If wrong, he sits out the next round. (Source and more info here.)


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    I've never heard of it.
    For those not following EStjarn's link, it appears in a book on scrapbooking (the craft of making books for storing your memories). The author has to explain what "essence" means in this context. It seems more an exercise to learn how to describe people creatively than a game that teenagers would play.