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Does it mean "a must-read"? Does "reading" here refer to "reading material"?

Thanks in advance
Grab this now! Better Than Before is essential reading.
-Seth Godin, bestselling author of Linchpin
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    I disagree. I think it's a noun that basically means reading material.

    The idea is that it's reading material that is essential to anyone living in 2017. For whatever reason (since I don't know his argument) he thinks the information inside would be valuable to anyone.

    If it was a verb it would be:
    Grab this now! Better Than Before is essential to read.


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    Here are a couple of real world examples. It's a common phrase that I've heard as long as I can remember. It's an opinion of somebody that it's something highly worth reading. No one can force you to read it though. :)

    TCM (Turner Classic Movies) even has a movie segment called "The Essentials" which is their list of must-see movies. (Essential watching ;))

    1. A list of books, periodicals and other published material compiled by a critic or genre expert and deemed to be essential to understanding an author, genre, writing style or famous person's life.
    Essential Reading

    Over the last decade, RIIA® has identified books, papers, articles and blog posts that have moved the discussion about retirement and retirement planning solutions forward and incorporated them into our essential reading list.


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    I will amend my earlier definition to say it would be essential reading not necessarily for everyone but for Seth Godin's target audience.
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