Esta Bereda es Peligroza - Yo Boy 18 Lugares - Busca el Mapa - Busca el Coazon

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The above phrase appears on a document which dates from 1650. The language is Castilian, as spoken in the Americas during the Spanish Colonial period. Can anyone accurately translate this to English? Thanks.
  • Orgullomoore

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    Well that was easy, just pronounce it instead of reading it :p:
    This path is dangerous - I go (to) 18 places - Look for the map - Look for the heart

    Dude! You have no idea how fun that just was!


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    Hi, tignas, and welcome to the forum.

    orgullomore did it perfectly. let me add the modern spelling:

    Esta vereda es peligrosa - yo voy (a) 18 lugares - busca el mapa - busca el corazón

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