establecimieno de los modelos a seguir con influencia negativa


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Hi everyone,

Is "establishment of role models" right? What I want to say is "reality shows give way to the establishment of role models" I don't know if the word in bold is the best one to express this idea.

Thank you in advance,
  • Wandering JJ

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    By give way to do you mean ceder el paso? What's the Spanish sentence, please, as I don't understand the English one, although it's grammatically correct?!


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    I'm not sure how or why to use the phrase "give way" in this context. You could simply say

    "Reality shows create/establish bad/negative role models."


    "Reality shows lead to the creation of negative role models."

    To me "establish" connotes an intention on the part of the producer, while "create" can mean it happens as a side-effect of the genre.
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