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    Hi everyone! i want to know how can I translate to english the phrase Estado del Arte. I will say State of Art, but i don´t think this is the correct translation.
    When I am talking about this I am speaking about a scientific term that we use in spanish when we are doing research and it make reference to the bibliography related with the subject that we are talking in our research...
    If somebody can help me I will really apreciate it.
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  3. Caropi

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    Spanish - Colombia
    Thanks a lot for the reply Oscar, I was looking this answers already but i don´t think that corresponds with what I am searching for,because I am not using the word in the context of new technologies, I am using the word for a thesis and is used in spanish in the scientific field, and is when you put a list of the works that exist in that subject and put a brief summary about them.
    One of the closest definitions that I found of this in spanish is in this link:
    Maybe this could give you a better idea of what I am pretending to do.
    Thanks again.
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    Crero que Oscar tiene razón. En inglés es state of the art.

    Se refiere al estado actual de una disciplina en su máxima expresión. Como dice la definición que pusiste, antes de iniciar una investigación hay que saber cuál es el conocimiento final de esa disciplina al momento de iniciarla.
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    A mí me parece que Oscar tiene razón: El desarrollo tecnológico viene del arte del desarrollo científico - expresado en tesis doctorales y otras investigaciones. Por lo tanto, ya sea en Inglés como en Español, el término "State o Art" me parece apropiado, salvo que exista un término espcífico que yo desconozca (lo que es muy probable, ya que mi inglés no es nativo :))

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  7. Caropi

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    Estuve mirando más definiciones de state of art y si Oscar tiene razón también se usa para cosas científicas. Yo estaba confundida porque la gran mayoría de definiciones son enfocadas exclusivamente al desarrollo tecnológico.
    Muchas gracias!
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    Reviving this old post, I found that (scientific?) doctoral theses have a chapter that is sometimes called "State of the art review", where, as stated by the initial poster, is simply a collection of all the research previously done on the topic.

    Hope this helps someone in the future!

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